The best way to keep up with what's going on is to join The CubanFusion Social Club and subscribe to CubanFusion events on Facebook.  Events come up all the time and we don't always get a chance to including them in the calendar below.

CLASSES UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 2022 Registrations are now open for the next 4-week cycle of classes, which start week of SUNDAY (yes, SUNDAY) 11 September.

REMINDER: Online registration and pre-payment in full is required for ALL classes, ALL levels, ALL locations!  Hit the links below to find out more about each class, including how to register or just hit this LINK if you already know the deal.  Gracias. 

NEW Sunday Afternoon Cuban Salsa Classes for Beginners with Rafael & Rosina (El Barrio)

Tuesday Cuban Salsa Classes for Beginners, Improvers and Intermediate/Advanced with Rafael & Nina (Cuba Street)

Wednesday Ladies' Styling Classes with Niki B. (Cuba Street)

Thursday Cuban Salsa Classes for Beginners and Improvers with Rogelio (Raumati)


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